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A lovely varied walk with stunning views into three different valleys. The only difficult part is the descent down the steps which are quite broken up in places. To avoid it and still get the best of the views, follow the walk to the hole in the fence (1hr 5 mins) and return the same way. Look out for vultures playing on the air currents and shy herds of mountain goats.

Relevant maps:

Cartografia Militar de España Serie L. Escala 1:50,000 Sheet 1038

Mapa Topográfico Nacional de E Escala 1:25,000 Sheets 1038-1 and 1038-3


To get to the start

Take the track up the south side of Huma off the El Chorro Abdelajis road, either 3 km from El Chorro station, or 2.6 km from the junction with the Alora road at las Angosturas. The track is by a large rock with a postbox set into it. If you prefer not to drive up the track, continue a couple of hundred metres down the road to a large parking space on the left and walk back. This adds about 40 minutes to the whole walk.

Follow the track for 1.8km, ignoring a sidetrack marked by white posts, and at 1.5 km taking the right fork where the colour changes from pink to grey. Stay on the gray track until at 1.8km there is a sign post showing Abdelajis one way and El Chorro the other. There is room to park here.

The walk

Take the track towards El Chorro. Follow the fork to the left by a waymark post with a cross on the right. (10 mins) After 100m or so turn onto a track to the right, this time following the waymark post with an X. The track straight on is where you will come from towards the end of the walk. Continue into the woods until you reach a junction with a notice board. (30 mins) (There is an alternative way to this point by continuing straight ahead at the first waymark post with the cross. It takes you through a farmyard which is sometimes blocked by goats and dogs).

At the notice board, turn left on the track. Keep going until you come out of the forest. (35 mins) As you come out of the forest, you will see olive trees and later almond trees on your immediate left, and beyond them, further on your left, a large field which stretches down the valley.

You need to make your way to the lowest point in the field, down the valley. Do this by continuing along the track and then heading left through the trees wherever you can, and then turning right towards the bottom of the field. The easiest way is to turn left through the trees just before a small arroyo (dry stream bed) that heads downhill. Follow the line of the arroyo until it turns right, and then keep on ahead for a few metres to another small arroyo. Cross it, and turn immediately right to follow it down the hill, keeping it on your immediate right. (when the field is overgrown there is usually a small path here)

Head for a small pile of rocks with minature palms close to the lowest point in the field. Pass just to the left of this and pick up a small footpath heading left. (55 mins) Follow the path downhill towards the very large rocky outcrop on the right. Eventually you will meet a fence. Continue along this until around 40 m beyond a group of trees on your left. (1hr 5 mins) Go left through the gap in the fence and take the path left and slightly downhill towards a rock pinnacle.

By the pinnacle, (1 hr 15 mins) take a flight of steps down the side of the crags. This is a steep descent, on steps and sometimes tumbled rocks. Take the main footpath through a network of small paths along the bottom of the crags. Keep parallel to the crags, past a large overhanging pine tree and an electricity pylon, until the path meets the wide track which has been been coming up from below on your right. (1 hr 35 mins). Turn left onto the track and follow it past where you turned into the woods earlier, ignoring a fork to the right. Take the second fork to the right to take you back to the parking spot. (2 hrs)


--Views down the valley towards Alora at the start

-Ruined cottages in the woods, some with eras (threshing circles) and one with a bread oven

-Two different views over El Chorro

-Flocks of vultures flying over the gorge

-Mountain goats around the crags