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The walk is circular and starts and finishes by the bridge on the A357 just before the small village of Carratraca. It passes through several pretty valleys with ever changing views, over the surrounding mountains. The path is mostly easy, but with some rough patches. Much of the first part is shaded.

Relevant maps:

Cartografia Militar de España Serie L. Escala 1:50,000 Sheet 1038

Mapa Topográfico Nacional de E Escala 1:25,000 Sheets 1038-3

To get to the start of the walk

From the A357,(Alora to Carratraca old road) park in the rough layby just after the bridge, about half kilometer before the restaurants. Walk in the direction of Carratraca and take the turn after the two restaurants that are side by side with the "fuente" in front.Contimue up to Carratraca village. The walk continues from the lane out to the bullring, at the south east end of the village.

Aim for the right hand uphill corner of the village. Look for a red and yellow octagonal tower and the interesting red and yellow Casa Trinidad Grund, now the Ayuntamiento. Walk along up the lane on the uphill side of the tower and Casa, (ie going away from town and with the tower and casa on your right). Follow it for about 100m away from the village. The path starts up steps on the left, by wooden signs ‘Sierra Blanquilla’.

The walk

Follow the footpath uphill, until a T-junction (10 mins). Take the right fork and continue, past a small shrine (20 mins). Keep on the path, ignoring the first fork to the left. The walk continues on the second fork to the left. Before taking it, it is worth a short detour ahead to the platform around the ruined, and unstable, Hermita de Nuestra Señora de Salud (Hermitage of our Lady of Health), from where there are lovely views of the Sierra Alcaparain and along the valley. (25 mins)

Hermita de Nuestra Señora de Salud

Continue along the footpath, which passes through pine trees to skirt the Sierra Blanquilla.

For a shorter stroll, there is a path back to the village after about 45 mins. Look for a small fork to the left, at a point where the main path turns to the right by a small rocky area. This path brings you down into the opposite end of the village to where you started.

For the main walk, continue along the path until it ends at a fence. (1hr). In front of you is a pretty area called Fuenfria (Cold Spring). Walk through the gap in the fence and turn right onto the track. Follow it uphill until the brow of the hill (1 hr 15 mins). Turn left at the t junction here. Follow the track downhill until you meet a larger track. (1 hr 25 mins)

Turn right onto the larger track and follow it, past the bullring, to the start of the walk (2 hrs).

There are 2 other options at the 1 hr 25 mins point.

  1. A short detour
  2. About 20 metres before you meet the larger track, there is another track on your left doubling back uphill. Follow this a short way for the views towards la Huma, El Chorro, and El Torcal. Ignore the first fork to the left. The second fork to the left takes you up a small hill with all round views. Return to the 1 hr 25 mins point and from there to Carratraca.

  3. A longer way back to Carratraca village

Turn left onto the larger track and follow it. The windmills will go out of sight for a while. As they come back into view you will come to a cross road with a wooden signpost describing the the local administrative districts. Turn right here, and then continue along the track, ignoring any branches. At times you will be able to see a tarmac road with a small bridge. This is where you are aiming for. When you get to the road, turn right and follow it about 1.8 km back to Carratraca village. This adds about 1 hr 30 mins to the walk.