Walk up Sierra Abdelajis

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This walk has wonderful views towards Sierra de Torcal, Antequerra and The Sierra Nevada, as well as a totally different view down the Guadaloahorce valley towards Alora. There are two stretches without much of a defined footpath, one very steeply uphill. The descent is also very steep, but on a defined track.

Relevant maps

Cartografia Militar de España Serie L. Escala 1:50,000 Sheet 1038

Mapa Topográfico Nacional de E Escala 1:25,000 Sheets 1038-1 and 1038-3

To get to the start

From Abdelajis village travel on the Antequerra road to the outskirts of the village. Pass a venta on the right, and then very soon after a spring and then small alcove in the rock with seating on the left. Park by the next Venta on the right, las Atanaras. The path starts across the road at the right hand end of a long wall.

The walk

Follow the footpath signposted to ‘Cortijo Rincon Fuente’ uphill and away from Abdelajis village. At a T junction (15 mins) carry straight on as the path becomes a track. As the track starts going uphill, walk around a large gate with a sign ‘La Capilla’ (40 mins).

Continue up the track to T junction in front of a large rock (50 mins) and take the left hand, less well defined track uphill and towards some crags. This curves gently towards the right and then peters out (1 hr)

At this point turn to your right so you are facing up a valley between two crags. You need to get to up to the left hand side of the grassy dip at the top of the valley. There are a number of goat tracks to help. The best defined is roughly half way between the left hand crag and the stream bed (usually dry) in the V of the valley. Follow this until it crosses the stream bed (1 hr 20 mins). It continues up to the right of the stream, then turns to the left and back across the stream bed at the top of a slight gully.

Keep heading towards the left side of the grassy dip, towards the top end of the left crag which has now dwindled to a band of rock. Pass to the left of a small built up platform (Ihr 45 mins), and then as the path becomes more defined, a boulder with a yellow painted waymark. Head for a wooden signpost. (Ihr 55 mins).

The large flat rock ahead is a good picnic site, with views down into the saddle of La Huma and the track down to Las Angosturas

From the sign post, the walk continues following the sign to the left, marked ‘Cortijo Charcon and Valle de Abdelajis. Look in the general direction of the sign post, to see the craggy outcrop ahead. Find your own path through the rock field, a kind of mini Torcal, aiming for the left hand end of the outcrop. As you get towards the outcrop, the rockfield ends very suddenly, in a slight gully. (2hrs 15 mins). Turn left here, following the line of the rockfield edge and the slight gully, as it becomes a more defined path. Head towards a grassy area with a ruin (Cortijo Carbon).

Keep to the right of the ruin (2 hrs 25 mins), where the path becomes a track. This takes you all the way back to Abdelajis village. Where it first veers sharply to the left by some vertical rock flakes ( 2 hrs 35 mins) it is worth taking a few metres detour to the right to a small grassy area with fabulous views down the valley towards Alora, and covered with blue Iris in December.

After the rockflakes, keep following the track as it zigzags very steeply downhill. At the farm (3hrs 10 mins) turn right onto the main track and follow it towards the village. Shortly after it becomes tarmaced, (3 hrs 20 mins) look for a water tank and pergola on the left, then a few hundred metres further on take an obvious track to the left through some Olive trees. This turns to the right and then meets a tarmac road. (3 hrs 25 mins) Turn left into this road and follow it through the outskirts of the village to the main road (3 hrs 30 mins) . Turn left onto the main road and continue till you reach Venta Atanaras and your parked car. (3 hrs 35 mins).