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La Chimenea

WALK ON THE SIERRA DE LA CHIMENEA Around 2 hours Map 1038 - 2

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Note - this is more of a prolonged scramble than a walk and has no defined paths.Good hiking boots and strong ankles are essential

To get to the start

From Alora, take the road to Abdelajis and Antequerra. Continue through Abdelajis to just after km 8 and take the right turn to La Joya and Villanueva de la Concepcion. After 4km take the track to the left, marked Camino del Fuenfria. Follow the track andl look for farmhouses on the left at the bottom of the mountain. Continue past the first farmhouse. Shortly past the second one, look for a track to the left with large gate (actually a very large shhet of steel mesh tied with string). Park here. The farmer is very friendly and helpful.

The walk

Go through the gate and along the track through a field which may be full of cows. As the track starts to go left, leave it to head staight uphill towards a fence. Look for a gate slightly to your right. Go through the gate and then find your way straight up the rocky slope to go into a dip between the two main rock outcrops to your left and right. There are a number of goat tracks zigzagging across the slope to help you. As you come over the top and into the dip, you will see another rocky ridge ahead and slightly to your right. There are two main ways to get to the trig point at the right hand end of this ridge. One is to go straight up the ridge and turn right along it. The other is to head right between the ridge and the large rock outcrop, and then make your way left up the ridge. Take extreme care as the other side of the ridge is a cliff.

Explore the top for the different views and come down the same way.


-Views down onto the topof La Huma and the Sierra de Abdelajis to the west

-Views down onto the top of El Torcal, and distant views towards the Sierra Nevada to the east

-Views of the lakes to the North west and Antequrra to the North east

-Views of Malaga and the sea to the south

-Blue Iris in early winter

-The messages left in the pot by the trig point (There is usually a pen there, but no spare paper if you want to leave a message)


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