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A fairly easy walk of about 11km. Most of it is waymarked by poles with horizontal yellow and white stripes showing the way, and a cross showing where not to go. It makes a nice contrast to the El Hacho de Alora walk.

Relevant maps:

Cartografia Militar de España Serie L. Escala 1:50,000 Sheet 1052

Mapa Topográfico Nacional de E Escala 1:25,000 Sheet 1052-1

To get to the start of the walk

From Alora Estacion, take the A343 to Pizarra. As you go through the village, park on the right, opposite Tourist information and just before the petrol station. Or, take the train one stop from Alora to Pizarra. From the station walk up the hill to the Tourist information office and petrol station.

The walk

Walk up the street between the service station and the tourist information office until you get to a T junction. Slightly to your right, go into the Raja Ancha recreational area and follow the path uphill, keeping the arroyo just to your left.

Where the fence ends, go under the chain across the arroyo and turn right, to walk uphill the other side of the arroyo. At a big rock on your left,ignore the path on your right and keep straight on, following the waymarked zig zag path uphill until it reaches the rock face. Go into the cleft and up the stairs to a small mirador. (25 ms)

Follow the main, waymarked, path wending it’s way uphill through pine forests. In spring, look out for bee orchids. After about 45 mins there is a good view from a small outcrop on the right, by a waymark pole with an x. Here, face the crags to see where you are going to go, a TV aerial ahead of you and the saint to your left.

Continue along the way marked path until you reach a junction (50 mins). The path marked ‘El Santo’ is a short cut directly to the saint, and is where you will come out if you choose the quick way back to Pizarra. Take the right turn, past the cave (55m) and turn left onto the wide track (60m) which heads up hill to the TV aerial (1hr 15m).

Shortly after the aerial, carry on straight ahead at the junction with 2 other tracks to the left and right. At the fork (1 hr 35 mins) note the track to the right which you will come back to if you take the longer way back to Pizarra, and keep to the left on the Camino del Santo, till you reach the Saint. (1 hr 45m).

To go back the quick way, take the path on the far side of the picnic site and to your right with your back to the saint. It winds along the hillside to join the path you came up on.

The other way down contrasts well with the path you came up, and has lovely views towards Alora and La Huma. To take this, from the saint, go back the way you came as far as the first junction and turn left. (1 hr 50m). You will shortly pass the trig point (448m) on your right (1hr 55m). Then, as you come over the rise, Alora and the Guadalahorce valley is laid out before you.

At the junction, take the left turn, following the way mark, until the track takes a sharp turn to the right. Here, turn onto the smaller track heading left and downhill. Keep following the new waymarks, green and red vertical stripes and directions to La Ermita. Towards the edge of Pizzarra, by a large white water deposit, (2 hr40 m) turn left onto the track. Keep straight on as it changes from gravel, to concrete, to tarmac and becomes Avenida Alfonso xiii. Turn right by an ice cream kiosk down Dr Lopez Uralde, until you meet the main road and turn left back to the start. (3hr 5m).