Around 3 1/2 hours

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Relevant maps

Cartografia Militar de España Serie L. Escala 1:50,000 Sheet 1038

Mapa Topográfico Nacional de E Escala 1:25,000 Sheets 1038-1 and 1038-3



To get to the start

The track up the south side of Huma is off the El Chorro – Abdelajis road, either 3 km from El Chorro station, or 2.6 km from the junction with the Alora road at las Angosturas. The track is by a large rock with a postbox set into it.

Follow the track for 1.8 (At 1.5 km there is a fork in the track, take the right fork where the colour changes from pink to grey). At 1.8km there is a sign-post showing Abdelajis one way and El Chorro the other.

The track up Huma is the one to the right (the other is a lower walk to El Cchorro). This is where we park. It is possible to drive a lot further if you have high clearance. From here it is around 2 hours walk to the top.

The walk

Walk up the track until you come to a derelict cottage on the left.

Then either continue up the track, with Huma behind you, until you find a left fork to bring you back towards Huma.

Or, to take a more direct route, shortly after the cottage take a narrow but reasonably clearly defined path on the left up through scrubby undergrowth, gently climbing away from the track. Take this until you reach a track, and turn left onto it. (This is a new track connected to the AVE workings and doesn’t lead anywhere useful apart from the next footpath)

Almost at the base of Huma, watch out for another small path on the right that takes you up through more scrub towards Huma away on the left and a rocky outcrop away on the right. Shortly after the scrub opens out into grass, you will see a track above you. Turn left onto the track.

After a short distance, look out for a large blue pipe on your right, and shortly after, a fuente (spring) on your left (just a depression with dried mud in summer months). Take the path to the left here, skirting newly planted forest. The path gets less and less defined as you get further up the scree, but keep going till a short scramble takes you to where it flattens out on the top. The trig point is north, along the edge to your right.

Come down the same way.