Walk to Castillo de Turón


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This is a very short walk, but the destination, the ruined mediaeval Turón castle, is a stunning spot, perfect for a picnic or just to spend an hour drinking in the views. This is a good choice for days when you don´t want a long walk but want to feel you have done something special.

Relevant maps:

Cartografia Militar de España Serie L. Escala 1:50,000 Sheet 1037 and 1038

Mapa Topográfico Nacional de E Escala 1:25,000 Sheet 1037-4 and 1038-3


To get to the start of the walk

From the A357 heading North, take the second turn, MA442, to Ardales village. Turn right at a small roundabout to take you towards the town; then on the edge of the village turn right at a small fountain in front of the Museo Municipal. Take the third left up a steep hill. Keep on over the brow of the hill; then near a sign to El Burgo, take the second of two turnings right to go downhill and through a bridge under a new road. Continue along the track past a farm to the river Turon and a small bridge (Puente Romano). Turn immediate left, then keep left, to follow the line of the river for about 1km until you come to a fork in the track. Park here, or park by the bridge and walk from there.

The walk

There are two ways to approach the castle, one very straightforward, apart from a steep hill at the end; and the other along a rough path with a bit of a scramble at the end, but worth it for the spectacular approach to the castle.

To go the straightforward way, take the right fork of the track. Follow it for around 2 km, watch for the castle on a hill ahead of you and to the left. About 100m after a collection of barns on the right, and just past the tall tower at the nearest end of the castle (35 mins), look for a path straight up towards the tower up between two fields. Follow the track into an almond field and continue straight up towards the tower. Enter the site by skirting round to the left of the tower. (45 mins)

To go the rougher way, take the left fork of the track. As the track rises, look straight ahead to see the castle on the furthest of the small hills ahead of you. Just before a very large barn with a green roof to the left of the track (10 mins), take a poorly defined path to the right which follows the line of the electric cables towards a small pylon. Continue for about 100mt. The path gets a bit indistinct for a short way, but follow the bit without vegetation to go left and uphill to an indentation roughly at the mid point of the slope which stretches from uphill on your right to downhill on your left, pointing towards the green roofed barn.

Once at the midpoint of this slope (15 mins), you will see the path heading along the side of the hill parallel to the river. Keep on the path, with the river to your left and the uphill to your right, you will see the castle appear and disappear ahead of you a couple of times. Continue past a small rocky outcrop on your left (40 mins) for a couple of hundred metres to where the path eventually peters out by a large cleft boulder on the slopes just beneath the castle. Scramble up to the right of the rock and then follow the ridge of the hill up towards the castle keep. Once close to the tower you will see a field with almond trees on your right, walk along the edge of this to the tower and enter the site by skirting to the left of the tower. (55 mins)

To return, leave the site by the way you came in, by the keep, your route is the track you can see below you. To get onto it, turn left along the line of the castle for about 50 m, till you are about level with the third tower along, and look for a way down hill to your right. Follow the line of this ´path´ until you reach a more defined path between two fields which takes you to the track. Turn right to get back to the car. (about 45 mins from castle to car)